Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s and other dementia conditions are extremely common conditions experienced by our patients, which is why we make sure every Clarendon Care Home has teams dedicated to our dementia patients. At Clarendon Care we provide twenty-four hour care for our patients that are living with dementia.

Our fully trained and experienced staff are very knowledgeable and have an educated understanding of dementia. This allows our team to provide the best care and answer any questions or advise families on any queries they may have about their loved ones condition or care. Typical symptoms include memory loss, difficulty communicating as well as many more symptoms, it is our job to accompany our residents on their journey, and we make it our mission to support, reassure and encourage our residents with dementia everyday.

We provide a safe and caring environment for all of our residents and work as a team to gently support our residents during their ever changing conditions. We have a team that are continuously developing their skills, thanks to ongoing training, and we carefully select our team based on their patience, tolerance, and kindness, as well as ensuring our care team members are observant and encouraging at all times. We pride ourselves on always seeing the individual as the person that they are, and managing the illness, not the reverse.

We are continuously developing our skills and knowledge on dementia, so that we can continue to provide the very best care to our residents. We work closely and stay up to date with the latest research on dementia, to provide care homes that get the best out of our residents and make their dementia journey more comfortable and positively stimulating. This is why we put our heart and souls into developing our indoor and outdoor activities for all of our residents. We understand the progressive nature of dementia, which is why we ensure our gardens and communal areas are safe and secure, whilst maintaining a homely atmosphere.

Creating comfortable surroundings is not the only thing we do for our residents to make their journey with dementia more comfortable. We hire chefs who understand the importance of nutrition for our residents, providing home cooked, hearty meals that encourage our residents to eat well and enjoy the social element that eating together provides. Our experienced leisure and wellness team are on hand for daily social activities that positively stimulate our residents and give them something more than just essential care. Combining comfortable surroundings, great nutritious meals, social and physical activities to stimulate and an experienced care team who are dedicated to providing our residents with the best possible lifestyle, makes Clarendon Care an ideal choice for dementia patients.

If you would like more information on our care plans, would like to find out how we can help your loved ones or have any questions about our dementia care in particular,  please find your nearest or desired home contact information here.

General Information

  • Fully trained, experienced and dedicated care team
  • A stronger ratio of staff to patients compared to other care homes
  • 24 hour care provided for our residents
  • A personalised care plan and meticulous medication management
  • Encouragement of regular communication with loved ones
  • We offer 24 hour access to visitors, refreshments and hospitality
  • Private rooms designed for comfort and practicality with fully accessible ensuite wet rooms
  • A well designed, spacious and safe care home, built to provide a home from home feel
  • Well thought out food menus designed by our chefs to promote positive nutrition and provide residents with hearty, home cooked meals
  • A diverse range of activities, events, trips and entertainment available to our residents
  • Safe and secure outdoor areas and activities

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