Indoor Activities

Here at Clarendon Care we employ a team of professionals dedicate to creating wellness and leisure programmes that are tailored to our residents. Our team of experts work closely with our residents to offer them as many suitable choices and events everyday. We focus on creating an environment that offers a ‘life at home’ atmosphere and that is one of the most important aspects of our care at Clarendon. Every single resident will receive a person centred approach which means that their health, wellness and happiness is the main priority when it comes to creating a care plan, each resident will also receive exercise plans structured to benefit their needs and goals.

All of our Clarendon care homes have a structured daily timetable tailored to our residents needs and created by our team of wellness and leisure experts. Most plans include activities like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, iPad sessions, social clubs, bowling leagues, wine tasting, casino nights and much more. Some of our Clarendon care homes have gyms with specialist equipment for older people, we also have cinemas and cafes to enhance the lifestyle of our residents.

Our huge range of activities for physical and emotional wellness is solely created and developed to give our residents a lease of life and opportunity to maintain a healthy active and social lifestyle. Although it is important to socialise and to be active, we also recognise that our residents will need some relaxation and mindfulness. Allowing for personal reflection is important to our residents and it is important our team at Clarendon care homes, we healthily encourage and promote relaxation and mindfulness in our leisure and wellness timetables to incorporate opportunities for these moments.

If you are interested in finding out more about our fantastic indoor activities that we have to offer to our residents, please call your nearest or desired home to arrange a visit.    Click here for a list of contact numbers or to send us a message.

General Information

  • Unique & diverse wellness & leisure programmes tailored to residents
  • Personalised leisure plans suited to each residents
  • Highly accredited and trained leisure and wellness teams at every home
  • Full timetable of activities seven days a week
  • Supportive, creative and innovative activities to promote physical and emotional wellbeing
  • A number of visiting speakers & activity coordinators to offer fresh activities
  • Focusing on creating memories & promoting social interaction
  • Equal amounts of individual and group activities
  • Our goal is to promote physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing

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