Outdoor Activities

Clarendon Care Homes are passionate about promoting outdoor activity in our wellness and leisure timetable for our residents. We recognise the importance of the great outdoors and how it can positively affect our residents. Our wellness and leisure team, work tirelessly to provide and create outdoor activities and events for our residents to ensure they get as much outdoor recreation as they do indoors.

Our secure landscaped gardens are the perfect setting for our range of leisure activities all year round. Some of the activities include sports events, musical events, cocktail parties and charity event days. Whilst all of these events and activities are exciting, we want our residents to enjoy the outdoors outside of structure, and encourage our residents to take leisurely strolls around the gardens of their care home.

Our Clarendon wellness team are fully licensed, experienced minibus drivers, which enables our residents to enjoy outings during the week, something that they free to take part in at their own leisure. Planning of our excursions are detailed and thorough to ensure we create trips and outings that are suitable and comfortable for our residents, trips to the beach, museums, beauty spots and other excellent experience days are included in our leisure timetables.Our weekly trips tend to be set within the local community including farmers markets, local pubs, parks and other local activities.

If you are interested in finding out more about our fantastic programme of outdoor activities that we offer to our residents at Clarendon Care. You can take a detailed look at our wellness and leisure plans or visit us during an activity session.  Just get in contact with your nearest or desired care home to set up a visit at your convenience.


General Information

  • Secure & private landscaped gardens designed for our residents
  • A timetable of garden activities and events to stimulate physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Full wheelchair access in all of our gardens
  • Supervised, regular trips to local attractions and amenities on the minibus
  • Unique and diverse leisure and wellness timetable for all residents
  • Personalised leisure and wellness care plan for every resident
  • Fully accredited, trained and experienced leisure and wellness teams at every home
  • Full timetable of activities and events seven days a week
  • Fun, creative, diverse and unique activities available to all our residents

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